Jon Glick

Jon Glick's Photo I make things for the internet using tools appropriate for the job. I've used a huge range of technologies, libraries and frameworks as well as writing a few of my own.

I currently focus on Javascript and Python and, although they're not truly functional, I've enjoyed and benefitted from bringing functional programming techniquies into my everyday work. My front-end experience involves everything from taking wireframes and mockups to HTML/CSS to implementing full single page javascript applications backed by data APIs. On the back-end I've build large-scale content management systems (CMS), applications, API & e-commerce integrations and more. I once even built an FFmpeg-powered video editor in PHP.

Want some jargon? Here's a small sample of the jargon I've built things with professionally:

Javascript (ECMA Script), Python, PHP, Ruby, React, Redux, Git, Mercurial, AngularJS, LESS, SASS, MySQL, PostreSQL, MongoDB, Drupal 6, Drupal 7, PDF generation, Django, Rails, Symfony, Zend Framework, Middleman, Jekyll, Content Management Systems (CMS), Learning Management Systems (LMS), Dojo Toolkit, Backbone, Fabric, ExtJS, Canvas, jQuery, jQuery Mobile, Stripe, Apache Solr, FFmpeg, Leaflet, OEmbed, AWS, CoffeeScript, Gulp, SalesForce API, Functional Programming (FP), Object-Oriented Programming (OOP), Bootstrap

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